Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Victoria's Secret "Brilliant Lip Shine" - Torrid

The other day while perusing the mall I decided to stop in Victoria Secret’s. I normally only go in there because I love their fragrances, but I was memorized by their AMAZING makeup selection. Though its kind of small compared to other brands, it’s a quality makeup line. I was drawn to their lip products and left with several lipsticks and one lip shine.

The lip shine I got was in the color Torrid, a Shimmery Fuchsia color. The lip shine is highly pigmented and a little goes a long away, plus it’s not sticky like some of my other glosses. I was also shocked that it lasted through dinner fully intact.

I am definitely going back to get more of these lip shines, especially with its $10.00 price tag.

You can purchase this product at their store or their website.
***All products purchased by I Bleed Beauty***

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Girl your lips are sensational!! WOW!